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2018 worklist


Jamar - Portage  50-60 men after the 1st week between the two shifts, working on air heater rebuild on a 6-10 schedule.

Jamar - Portage after the 1st week on boiler maintenance, 14-16 welders working 5-10's about 8 weeks.

Garycor - Portage on SCR tie in- additional staffing as needed, 3 welders and 6 mechanics for days and 14 welders and 10 mechanics for nights. It will be a 5-10 schedule and the welders will need to be clean shaven for fit test.?

Fraser shipyard - 1st week start hiring, up to 50-60 welders and fitters on 40 hours with overtime as needed. Work through March. ( supplemental agreement work)

Bay Ship - 1 st and 2nd week start hiring, 50-70 men, mostly fitters and some welders on 40 hours with overtime and some Saturdays. Available through March. (supplemental agreement work)


Jamar - Sheboygan re-heat change out. Will have pre outage work on 40 hours, crew size unknown yet.


Moorhead - Wausau catalyst install, 12 men for 4 weeks starting on the 12th. Working 5-10's

Moorhead - Madison boiler repair, starting 17th through 24th, 3-6 men(tube welders).

Moorhead - Wausau Boiler Maintenance , 18 men on days working either 5-10's or 6-10's.

Jamar - Sheboygan reheat change out starting the 5th through April 27th. 20-25 men per shift mostly tube welders. Boiler maintenance for an additional 12-14 men for about 4-6 weeks. Possible air heater work for another 16 men of 4-6 weeks. Condensor work  for about 4 weeks with two shifts. The boiler maintenance, re heater change out and air heater will be on 5-10 and the condensor will be 6-10.

Boldt - Kaukauna maintenance for 10 men per shift (4 tube and 6 mechanics) working two weeks of 6-12's

DZ - Oak Creek 25 men on the unit 7 fan, ductwork and sonic horns. working 6-10 when the outage starts for about 4-6 weeks starting on the 5th.


Moorhead - Madison Campus, catalyst install from 16th - 20th on 5-10's

Rhinelander boiler outage, no date or contractor award yet.

Mosinee boiler outage, no date or contractor award yet.

Nekoosa evaps, no dates or contractor awards yet.

DZ - Port Washington, block 1 start the 2nd for about 6-8 men for about 6 weeks. Block 2 will start on the 30th for another 6-8 men for only 2 weeks. working 5-10's maybe 6-10's.


Moorhead - Alma starting the 4th through 10th, 20-30 men on days, maybe a small night shift, working 5-10's for sure maybe  6-10's.


Mosinee boiler outage, no dates or contractor award yet.

Wisconsin Rapids boiler and evaps, no date or contractor award yet.




Rothschild boiler maintenance, no dates or contractor award yet.


Mosinee boiler outage, no dates or contractor awarded yet.