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2020 worklist






Fraser shipyard, Bay ship and possibly Marinette, looking for workers for 2-3 months. The schedule is not set yet nor are the hours. We will post as soon as there are concrete number



Georgia Pacific - #3 boiler install for CRMeyers. Work will start in Mid to late Feb and complete around June. It will be a small crew of 4-6 men and the hours are unknown (40-50).

Excel Energy Ashland - Moorhead  starting on the 17th for 3 men working 5-10's for 2 weeks.

Neenah - Jamar starting the 17th and finishing the 8th. 5-10's for 2 weeks and 1 week of 7-12's. day shift only for 4 men.




Portage - mobilize in on the 9th  and outage starts on the 16th. It will be 6 weeks of 6-10s for a day shift only. estimate of 14  men on the boiler, 6 men on Burner capital work and 4 men on the air heater. There will be a night shift that starts on the 23rd, likely 5-10's for 2 weeks for 15 men (half welders).

Point Beach- starts March 14th for 5 welders on a 6-12 schedule for 4-6 weeks.

Weston - Moorhead - SCR and Boiler work, 12 men on SCR and 4 men on Boiler for 25 days working 5-10's.

Manitowoc Public utilities - Boldt - First half  of the month starting, looking at 10-18 men working likely a 5-10's and a 8 for approximately 3 weeks in duration.

Weston - Moorhead on boiler wall replacement. Starts the 23rd and ends April 23rd, days will have 16 tube welders plus a tool room person and night s will have 14 tube welders and a tool room person. The job will be on 7-12's.

Pulium Plant P31 peaker - Moorhead, starts the 23rd for 3 weeks of 5-10's maybe 6-10s. total of 5 men on a day shift only.

Manitowoc - Unit #8 Boiler starts on the 0th and ends the 17th. 2-4 boilermakers on 6-10's.

Thilmany - #7 Boiler outage starting 16th through 20th. 3 boilermakers for 1 week 5-10's.




Thilmany Kaukauna - #10 boiler preoutage for 4 men starting the 20th through may 1st on 5-10's then starting May 4th through May 22nd, 15 men per shift working 7-12's. Gen Bank change out of 700 tubes.

Fox Energy Center - Moorhead late April for 2 weeks , 10-12 men working 5-10's.


May - 

Stevens Point - power boiler outage for 1 week. No additional information at this time.

UW Oshkosh - State boiler modifications, Moorhead, 4 men on 4-10s for about 4-5 weeks

UW Eau Claire - State Boiler modifications Moorhead, 4 men on 4-10s for 2 weeks

Thilmany - Starting the 4th  through the 22nd, digester work for 4 men on 2 shifts working 6-10's.

Mosinee - MMB will be doing a condenser retube starting May 11th for 1 week of 5-10s. There will be 5 men on days and 4-5 men on nights with $40.00 a day sub.



Verso Rapids - Jamar, evap maintenance, 2nd through the 9th. 1 week of 7-12's ( 2 shifts, days 12 men and nights 8 men) 

Husky Refinery - expected to start the rebuild, the Contractor, hours and duration are not available at this time. Still working out the details and should know in about two months.




Verso - Wisconsin Rapids, #1 Power Boiler for 1 week outage 21st - 28th, no other information available at this time.



Verso - Wisconsin Rapids, #3 Power Boiler for 1 week outage  11th -18th, no other information available at this time.

Manitowoc - rear wall replacement possible. 



Verso - Wisconsin Rapids, #2 Power Boiler for 1 week outage 24th - 30th, no other information available at this time.


November - Stevens Point - #4 Power Boiler for 1 week outage 6th - 13th, no other information available at this time.