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2019 worklist


  February - 

Ashland - economizer and traveling grates, preoutage starts the 25th for a week of 5-10s and the outage for the will be on 5-10s and the economizer will be on 6-10s. This should be about 3 weeks in duration and unit turned over by 23rd.  Economizer will run two shifts with 5 on days and 4 on nights. The grates will be days only with 6 men.

Ashland - baghouse work will be in late Feb early March for about 3 weeks for 6-8 men on days only. Hours?

Combined Locks - 2/25 through 3/1 for 5 days, hours? , manpower needed for 4 men.


 March - 

Portage - baghouse replacement, 20 per shift for 30 days, hours? Boiler maintenance starting the 3rd for about 18 welders, working 6-10s, 4 men on the burners and 4 men on precip and airheaters.

Combined Locks - 5 days for 4 men from the 11th to the 15th.

Genoa - the 15th through the 7th of April, inspection and repair based for 6-8 men total. Hours ?

Wausau - 12 expansion joints, 3-4 weeks of 5-10's for 18-21 boilermakers. There will be Boiler maintenance also for 15-20 boilermakers starting late March for 3-5 weeks.

Expera - unit 7 starts on the 11th for 3 to 4 men for 1 week of 5-10's

Manitowoc Public Utilities - starts on the 25th for 3 men on 2 weeks of 5 - 10's


 April - 

Ezpera - starts on the 6th for 8 welders and 4 mechanics per shift  for 5 to 7 days of 12's.

Alma - 17th through the 15th, likely on 6-10s for about 12-15 Boilermakers.

Combined Locks - 15th to the 19th for 4 men about 5 days. 

Sheboygan - outage from 21st through may 11th. manpower and hours not set yet.

Riverside Beloit - 26th through may 18th, 10-16 men however hours and shifts not set yet.

Fox units 1&2 - liner plate replacements unit 1 for about 8 boilermakers.

Marinette M31 - 1 week for 2-3 men.

Mosinee - 22nd- 26th for 8 men on 5 days. Hours ?

Oak Creek - baghouse replacement of bags 32 boilermakers split between two shifts, catalyst for 18 boilermakers split between two shifts, boiler maintenance for 4 men days only and inspections for 4 men days only. Work will be for 4 weeks and 6-10s schedule.


  May - 

Mosinee - 20th -24th for 5 days and 8 men, Hours ?

Mosinee - 27th - 29th for 3 days and 3 men, Hours ?

PCA - 12th - 18th for 45 Boilermakers, some will work 10s and some will work 12s, $40 a day sub.

Marinette M33 - 26th to May 1 for 2-3 men.

Kraft Mill - Maintenance outage, manpower and hours?

Charter Steel - pre-outage work starts in may and the outage is in June. Manpower and hours undetermined yet.



Schofield Domtar Biomass - Superheat changeout, starts the 16th for 2 weeks of 6-10's and 1 week of 5-10's. There will be 1 week of set up the week prior to the 16th . It will be 8-12 tube welders per shift with $40 a day sub.



Nekoosa Domtar Unit 14 - 35 boilermakers per shift working 12's. Day shift starts on the 7th and ends on Thursday the 10th, night shift starts the 7th and end on the 9th. $65 a day sub. There will be a set up crew the week prior.