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2020 worklist







CTS - 1st or 2nd week, 20-25 guys per shift working 6-10's plus $100 a day sub estimated at 8 weeks long.

Boldt - Domtar nekoosa outage from 1st -10th, roughly 18 boilermakers with $40 a day sub.

Boldt - Domtar recovery boiler outage the 15th - 19th, roughly 8 boilermakers  with $40 a day sub.

Boldt - PCA Tomahawk pre outage starts the 15th and that will be mostly General Forman to start and the outage starts the 290th  - 26th for 65 boilermakers and $50 a day sub.

Boldt - Thilmany the last two weeks of the months for two people.



Boldt - French Island outage starts the 12th for 3-4 weeks on 6 or 7 10's or 12's for roughly 25 on days and 25 on nights with $50 a day sub.

Boldt - Fox Energy starts the 26th  for two weeks of 6-10's with roughly 12 men per shift and paying $50 a day sub.

Boldt - Thilmany gas conversion starts the 14th and ends the 23rd working around the clock for 20 men per shift and $55 a day sub.

Boldt - Elm Road unit 2 starting the 12th and ending November 18th for 25 men per shift and the hours not let yet. Preoutage work to be late August.

Jamar - Beloit outage from the 9th and ending  November 21st. staffing not let yet.

Azco - Weston for the new RICE units, staffing and numbers to be let in August.






Boldt - Weston 3 mini outage the week of the 10th , about 10 men with $40 a day sub.

Boldt - Weston 4 outage starts the 17th for about three weeks working 5-10s for about 15-20 men with $40 a day sub.

Boldt - Manitowoc Public Works unit 8 starting the 3rd and ending the 28th for about 6 men.

Jamar - Edgewater in mod October for two weeks and estimate about 20 men total.



Boldt - Port Washington block 1 HRSG starting the 7th and ending the 18th for about 6 men. 

Jamar - West Riverside outage from the 4th to the 24th and the hours and staffing not let.




***There will be some small State projects and tanks for up in Green bay. Nine Dragons may also have a small outage at Biron mill.