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2020 worklist









ND Boiler #5 Biron (Boldt) - Starts August 23 scheduled 1 week of 6-10s and 1 week of 5-10s. Days will have between 14-18 people and nights will have between 6=8 people. This will be heavy on tube welders and there will be no subs.




Fox Energy, Kaukauna (Boldt) - Starts September 27th and will be 2 weeks of 5-10s. This will be one shift for 8-14 men and currently no sub.

Biomass Rothschild (Boldt) - Starts September 27th for 2 weeks of 5-10s. This will be for 6 stainless welders and there will be $50 a day in sub.

Alliant East Riverside Beloit (Jamar) - Starts the 13th and finishes October 8th. manpower and hours undetermined yet.

Thilmany Paper( Boldt ) - pre-outage from the 6th-10th for 1/3 of the call, outage starts on the 13th and goes through the 24th working 6-10s with no sub. Manpower is days( 16 tube welders,6 plate welders and 8 mechanics) Nights ( 16 tube welders, 6 plate welders and 8 mechanics).

Elm Road Unit 2 ( Boldt ) - September 27th through November 12th working baghouse, WESP, air heaters and burners. 5-10's schedule throughout with man power needs of 2 tube welders, 2 plate welders and 10 mechanics.

Manitowoc Public Utility ( Boldt ) - September 27th through October 9th working 6-10s with no sub. Man power needs will be 2 tube welders and 1 Mechanic.



Dairyland Power, Alma - Outage starts around the 18th, estimated a week to two weeks as the scope and contractor is unknown yet.

Alliant Columbia Portage plant (Jamar) - Starts the second and finishes the14th of November, manpower undetermined yet.

Domtar Nekoosa (Boldt) - Starts October 18th. Work will be on the boiler and all digestors working 12 hour shifts. The days shift will have between 40-45 people and nights will have between 25-30 people which will be virtually all tube and stainless welders outside of a handful of mechanics. There will be $65 a day sub paid.




***MG&E may have a fall outage, this has yet to be determined.