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2018 worklist



Boldt - Charter Steel at end of month. new construction on EAF for about 6-8 men.


Moorhead - Alma to start on the 30th. stainless steel tank work. 6 stainless steel welders for 4-5 weeks of 4-10's.



Jamar - French Island - major Boiler rebuild. August and September. hours and staffing not yet set.



Rothschild boiler maintenance, no dates or contractor award yet.

Moorhead - Ashland Xcel Energy, pre-outage work starts right after Labor day, outage starts the 18th and due to finish October 18th. It will run days and nights for welders only. Schedule is a 6-10 work week and will have 7-10 welders per shift. 

Jamar - GB Packaging, grates on the boiler. 15-20 men per shift. hours and duration not yet set.


Mosinee boiler outage, no dates or contractor awarded yet.

Jamar - Riverside Beloit, 6-10 men on Boiler and approximately 10 men on liners. duration of 2-3 weeks and the hours not set yet.

Jamar - Rothschild, small outage for 5-10 men, likely 1 week.