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2020 worklist







Boldt - SDA work continue on 4-10 schedule through February.





Boldt - Ashland 1 week set up  with outage starting on the 8th. Scheduled three weeks of 6-10's for a day and night shift for 6-8 SMALL tube welders.

Jamar - Alliant Portage starting the 13th and ending April  23rd. Manpower and hours yet to be set.

AZCO - Bayfront xcel in Ashland, Mid March working on traveling grates, about 6 men and the hours and duration not set.

Boldt - Kaukauna Unit 7 1 week 5-10's 4 men. ( 15th - 19th)

Boldt - Manitowoc Utility Unit 9  4 weeks 6-10's likely 3 men. ( 22nd through April 23rd)

Boldt - Eden Mine for two men and 2 days of 10's.




Jamar - Alma starting the 12th and ending the 24th, man power and hours not yet set.

Jamar - Mosinee starts the 19th and ends the 23rd staffing and hours not yet set.

Jamar - Combined locks starting the 26th and ending the 30th, manpower and hours not yet set.

Boldt - Kaukauna digesters, 6 men days and 6 men nights for 1 week of 5-12's.



PCA Boiler 10, outage for a week only but not yet set. Will have 2 shifts but time and man power not set, pending contract.

Jamar - Riverside starting the 3rd and ending the 9th, manpower and hours not yet set.

Boldt - FABCO boiler floor replacement, 3 men  1 week 5-10's (24th - 28th)



PCA will have some tank work for one week around the clock. Contract pending.

Boldt - depere gas conversion working 4-10's for 5 men. (starting the 21st and finish in August)







Nekoosa recovery boiler outage. Starts the 13th and finishes the 22nd. Is currently out for bids!