Meeting Dates and Places


The regular monthly meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month. The months of January, February, March, April, May, June, August, October, November, and December, at the Boilermakers Local Lodge NO.107 Union Hall located at 3185 Gateway Road, Suite 200, Brookfield, Wisconsin, starting at 7:00 P.M. and adjourning no later than 9:00 P.M., unless continued by a two thirds standing vote: However, in no event shall such continuation extend beyond 9:30 P.M. expect by unanimous consent.

The July meeting shall be held in Baraboo, Wisconsin at a place and time designated by the Business Manager. The membership shall be notified of the meeting place, time and date via phone messageservice or by mail, one (1) month prior to the meeting. The September meeting shall be held at the Green Bay Labor Temple located at 1570 Elizabeth Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Green bay meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of the month with the same starting and adjournment times as stated above.

In the event of an emergency which necessitates changing a scheduled regular meeting, the Executive Board shall have the authority to make whatever change is necessary, and shall give proper notice to the membership as soon as possible. No such change shall be made with less than 48 hours prior notice. A quorum for regular meetings shall be in accordance with the International Constitution.


January 10, 2017 @ Brookfield

February 14, 2017 @ Brookfield

March 14, 2017 @ Brookfield

April 11, 2017 @ Brookfield

May 9, 2017 @ Brookfield

June 13, 2017 @ Brookfield

July 11, 2017 @ Baraboo

August 8, 2017 @ Brookfield

September 12, 2017 @ Green Bay

October 10, 2017 @ Brookfield

November 14, 2017 @ Brookfield

December 13, 2016 @ Brookfield

 2016 MONTHLY DUES RATES *******

MECHANIC/APPRENTICE                      $46.55
TEMP. NON-MEMBERS                         $46.30
SHOP MECHANIC                                 $50.50
SHOP HELPER                                     $50.25
SICK RECEIPT **                                  $00.00