June 2011

Nekoosa 6th-14th unit 10 boiler small crew

Jefferson - Jamar has Ethonal Plant work manpower estimates of 40 men per shift hours ?

Madison- Boldt will have spuratic work on package boiler


July 2011

Nekoosa 12-20th unit 14 small crew

Madison- Boldt will have spuratice work with the package boilers.


August 2011

Nekoosa 7-13th unit 2 small crew

Sheboygan- new construction should start to have set up crews going in.


September 2011

Nekoosa 11-17th small crew

Green Bay Pullium 6, 8 week hours?


October 2011

Weston 1 starting the 13th about 4 weeks.


*** Capital projects talked about***

Ashland biomass mid 2011 ( Cancelled )

Park Falls biomass late 2011

Air quality controll work dairyland late 2011

Portage air quality control work late 2011- early 2012

WPS air quality control work 2011-2012