Boilermakers Vision Benefits

Effective as of January 1, 2017 , vision benefits will be processed by the Wilson-McShane Corporation. Listed below is Wilson-McShane's contact information and other important details regarding this change. In addition, participant's should have received new Cigna ID cards the first week of January that included new contact information for providers to submit claims.

           * Providers should use the participant's social security number when submitting claims to Wilson-McShane.

           * There is not a network of providers. Individuals can go to a vision provider of their choice for their vision exams and supplies.

           * Effective 01/01/17, there is no longer separate benefits for adults and children.; the annual benefit maximum for ALL eligible individuals is $250.


Submit claims with dates of service after 01/01/17 and after to:

           Wilson-McShane Corporation

                         BNF Vision

                   P.O. Box 219118

          Kansas City, MO 64121-9118