Uniform Referral Standards and Joint Referral Rules


Below are the current amendments to the referral rules to date. Local 107's Referral Committee will be meeting in April of this year to go through the amendments and any other proposals that need to be entered into the document. Upon approval of these amendments, they will be sent to the National Joint Committee for them to be written into the referral rules. Please remember that all Local's do NOT have an identical set of rules, but the greater portion of the language is standard. You should go to the websites or call other Local Lodges if you have questions about their referral policies.



Local 107 Referrals Committee

Blane Tom - Local 107 (Union)

Patrick McMahon - Local 107 (Union)

Robert Gabrysiak - Hayes Mechanical (Contractor)

Kevin Osterling - Jamar Company (Contractor )