2017 Apprenticeship Class Schedule


*** 2017 Apprentice upgrades:

To be determined at a later date.


**** The Apprenticeship Training will be (4) four weeks of 50 hours effective January 1,2013 ****

This is a need because of the lack of hands on training with the students and after reading the evaluations, a high percentage of the students felt that they where lacking hands on time. In order to remedy this, additional class hours needed to be established and that is the reason for the fourth week.


The 2017 Class schedule per week is as follows:

1/23/17, 3/13/17, 5/15/17 & 01/29/18
Kurtis D'Asto
Alten Damp
Ty Edwards
Christopher Goehring
Joshua Joswick
Cameron Scharr
Travis Sobczak


2/20/17, 7/10/17, 9/11/17 & 12/18/17

Robert Bartstow

Seth Kohtala

David Schneider

Edmond Wentala


1/30/17, 4/3/17, 7/24/17 & 12/11/17

Cody Allgeyer

Joseph Fleming

Philip Marlowe

Cameron Miller

Lawrence Mitchell

Stanley Wirkus


1/16/17, 2/27/17, 5/1/17  & 8/21/17

Josh Riewestahl

Craig LaCour

Cody Gordy

Jeremiah Wegner

Cody Southerland

Nikolaus Seilenbinder

Mark Rouse

Edward Oviedo

Wade Miles


7/31/17,10/30/17, 11/13/17 & 12/4/17

Daniel Bautista

Maxwell Brandt

Eduardo Cruz

Scott Hallett

Joshua Hanson

Thaddeus Hawkins

Brandon Johnson

Brian Lemens

Robert Meyer

Josh Sebright

Melvin Stewart






* Remember, when you are within 50 miles of the hall and working, you are required to have welding classes or you will be disciplined. Once you have passed the common arc tube test, you will no longer be required to attend the night weld classes.